Jeffrey S
Jeffrey S
March 23, 2021

You can make money on the internet.

In fact, there are several ways to do it.

If you’re into videos, start a YouTube channel. Once you get enough views, you can monetize your videos. YouTube will show ads and you’ll get paid when someone sees the ads.

If you’re into writing, start blogging or start a Twitter account.

Twitter is a great platform for aspiring writers. You don’t actually have to write a very long piece of content. You’re limited to less than 300 characters per tweet.

That doesn’t mean it’s not hard either. You need creativity to publish great tweets that are less than 300 characters.

There are a lot of people making money on Twitter, they sell courses, memberships, and promote other people’s products.

You can do affiliate marketing on Twitter for free. You just need a Twitter account and a product to promote.

I know people can make $10,000 in a month on Twitter.

If you’re interested in growing a Twitter account, here’s a great guide.

Blogging is different.

If you’ll focus on blogging, you’ll need to learn and master SEO.

Your articles need to be optimized for keywords, and then you’ll need to do some off-page SEO optimizations too, like link building, etc.

But the bottom line is whatever you try to do, you can incorporate affiliate marketing to monetize it.

You can promote affiliate products via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or your own blog.

Another thing you should try to do when starting out is list building.

Try to find a way to build your list right from the start, it will be very beneficial for your long-term success.

Jeffrey S

Jeffrey S. shares his insights and knowledge about internet marketing and personal development. He's under the mentorship and is currently working for a 7-figure internet marketer. He's made over $15,000 working from home and is currently building an internet business of his own.

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